Children of the Fall (2016)

Rachel Strode, a young immigrant with a dark secret in her past, comes to Israel in the Fall of 1973 to volunteer in a Kibbutz and then to convert to Judaism. Soon, she realizes that the local Kibbutz members don't seem to like strangers and foreigners, and that the evening of Yom Kippur (the most important holiday for Jews), will bring danger to her and her young volunteering friends. What begins as a time of fun and the celebration of youth turns into a menacing and bloody night of terror, which will give a new meaning to Yom Kippur of 1973.

  • Eitan Gafny

  • Eitan Gafny
  • Daniella Danziger

上映日期: 2016-07-15
themoviedb icon 0.0/10
  • 國家: IL
  • 語言: English | עִבְרִית
  • 時長: 110